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Havenholde Members

Mundane Name: Drea Leed

Andrea (Drea) di' Pellegrini is the only child of a 16th century Florentine silk merchant. She has traveled with her father throughout most of Europe, becoming well acquainted with the silk trade. She currently lives in London, England with her uncle and aunt, keeping an eye on family interests there.

SCA Interests:

Mistress Drea di' Pellegrini is a mistress of the Laurel in the arts of Costuming and Music. She also enjoys researching medicinal herbs, loves all things Elizabethan and is a self-admitted research geek.

Mundane Name: Jennifer Beard

Costanca is the only daughter of a minor nobleman from Lisbon, Portugal. In the early 1570's, she was sent to live with relatives in London. Now that Spain claims Portugal and England is at odds with Spain, her chances of returning home looks lower and lower when news reaches London of each battle between England and Spain.

Mundane Name: Jim W. Pratt Jr

James Cunningham was born in 1067 in Southern England. My father was on the losing side at Hastings. I became an archer good enough to be paid by the normans, and in later years became a falconer to a local baron. I'm an Archer, Crossbow maker, and Falconer.


Mundane Name: Michael Klefas

I am Orn Askelson born in 1368, in Scandinavia, the only son of a widowed button maker. A tailor by day and Viking by night. I try to pass the time when not designing clothing or tents by stitching beautiful designs of mystical creatures and glorious knot work. I also enjoy working with leather crafting gloves. I have also been caught in the woods hunting with bow and arrow or following the paths of a hawk. My device is: "Azure, a falcon close belled and jessed, on a chief indented Or, three drakkars azure"


Mundane Name: Susan Mason

I am a basket weaver from the city of Aachen, Germany. I live in the town on the basketmaker's street. This is a shop and craft I inherited from my parents.

My husband is a Master Stone Mason who travels around building cathedrals, so I am in charge of business in his absence.

I live during the first half of the 16th century. The Reformation has started in Germany, but I live in one of the Roman Catholic areas. Like many other middle class tradespeople in Aachen, I secretly support the reform movement.

SCA Interests:

SCA interests: Sewing Garb, Basketry & Herbs.

Mundane Name: Chad McInturff
Mundane Name: Angela McInturff
Mundane Name: Nancy Sue Patriani
Mundane Name: William E. Rice
Mundane Name: Audrey Stone

My persona is early 1100's Welsh spinner and weaver (what else could I be??)

SCA Interests:

I am interested in almost anything fiber related and/or singing/music related. 

Mundane Name: Sheryl Lynn Eldridge-Clark

Born in the winter of 1050 CE to the second wife, a christian lady from the Orkney Isles, of a heathen Nobleman who had land holdings in Reykjavik, Iceland along with an established trading, or raiding, merchant business. Shortly after birth Birna's mother passes away and is left in the hands of a wetnurse in her father's household. She is the only daughter in a family with five older boys from the her father's first marriage. In the spring of 1056 CE, when Birna was 5yrs of age, her father was killed during a trip abroad. Her eldest brother, having just wed, took over the household and appropriated land holdings for all of the brothers. Birna, being too young, is sent to foster with her mother's kin in the Orkneys. In the Orkney's, Birna is blessed to be sent to foster in a christian Nobleman's household, her mother's brother, with her four male cousins and one female cousin. She, being a bit strong headed at times, is permitted to learn many of the same things her male cousins were taught, reading and writing for example, and passively taught the skills of a lady by the female servants of the house and the Lady of the house. In 1066 CE, Birna meets a worthy man who she is immediately smitten for. Her family, glad to find a man for her, weds her to Leif Viggaskaldr in 1067CE and shortly after leaves for Byzantium. From that point on, Birna devotedly follows her husband in his search for self betterment. During his work as a Varangian Guard from 1067 CE to 1075 CE, Birna relaxes into the role of the Lady of a household and allows herself to work on her scribal arts that she truly loves. In 1075 CE, her husband, Leif, searches out a man of many great tales whom he chooses to ask tutelage of and is welcomed as one of the "kin" in the household of Svr Ustad `the Dreaded` Hasan al Hajjii.

Mundane Name: Brea Ludwigson

Brea the Meadster is a Cilician from the Golden Oasis, just north of Antioch, in the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia in southeastern Anatolia. Born in 1360 to a family of winemakers, she began traveling with the wine merchants' caravans at an early age and learned the dancing, cooking, and customs of many Middle Eastern and northern African cultures. When the Mamluks invaded in 1375, she escaped to Europe, where she was adopted into Clan Blackstar. She continues sharing the customs of her childhood with those who express an interest.

SCA Interests:

Brea Ludwigson studies and teaches Middle Eastern Dance, and enjoys brewing and sharing mead. She has been in occasional contact with the SCA since 1980 and has been an active member since 1998. She has served as troll, feast server, teacher, A&S judge, cook, feastocrat, autocrat, and cleanup crew, and has been Havenholde's Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Mundane Name: Carlton Mason

I come from the 16th century Welsh village of free men, Carlton. It was as a woodworker and solver of mechanical problems that I first came to Aachen, Germany to work on the Dom. Coming from outside the country, others have always called me by my place name. In fact I’m not sure anyone knows my given name! 
I met and married Katherine and so have remained in Aachen. When her parents died, we took over their shop.

Mundane Name: Erica Harrah

Ward of the household of Raven Celia Le Fleur was unceremoniously sold in faux marriage to the wayward Knight Templar John the Black. The events that followed colored her life in shades unknown to most ladies of her time. Following the slaying and subsequent sainthood of her faux lord she found herself penniless. Deciding to turn tragedy into profit she petitioned the Vatican under the name Cecil Fleur to become a purveyor of religious relics. On a pilgrimage to Rome she met up with a band of folks of the most disreputable sort. Actors. A wildly experimental lot, this thoroughly scandalous group of artisans dared to push the limits of societal mores. They actually had women playing the female roles. As she was already a man on paper Cecil/Celia felt it would be no problem to play a woman on stage.

SCA Interests:

Commedia del Arte (both acting and writing scenarios) poetry, singing, cooking

Mundane Name: Julie K Mattes

1320 - Born in Germany. Father a carpenter and a merchant; mother a seamstress, also a merchant. My siblings and I did our part to work with them. I don't recall much of my youth but I remember when we moved to Bulgaria. I play chess well, the opponents I've played, often loss the game. I've taught many, some well educated, how to better play it. In return, they pay the fee with money or taught me how to read and write. I'm now a widow and my children are grown. My life has been well blessed, but it would be better if Tsar Ivan Alexander would cease to raising taxes.

SCA Interests:

With some physical limitations, there are many things I am interested in, but I am unable, and shall continue to be unable, to participate in them to a certain extent ie. medieval dancing, or not at all. I like medieval board games with Chess and Goose being my favorites. Medieval doll making is what I am able to work on.....most of the time. I am also into the alternative healing and prevention of herbs and spices.

Mundane Name: Rance Ray Clark

Leif was born in 1048 CE to a banished noble Daneman in Borre, the Oslo Fjord area. During his youth he worked on the arts of fighting and was trained with the skills a man needs to run a household. At the age of 16 Leif struck out on his own to explore the world, gain experience and better his skills. In 1066 CE Leif followed his cousin Gunnar Red Boar to fight alongside King Harald Hardradi. He fought in the Battle of Stanford Bridge in 1066 CE but was defeated and fled to the Isle of the Orkneys. While in the Orkneys, Leif met a woman who stole his heart. In 1067 CE Leif was wed to Birna of the Orkneys and left for Byzantium shortly after in search of a way to better their life together. In 1069 CE Leif joined the Varangian Guard and served well until the year 1075 CE. In 1075 CE Leif heard great tales of a noble Turkish man and left the Varangian Guard in search of him. Leif joined the house of Svr Ustad `the Dreaded` Hasan al Hajjii so as to better himself as a warrior and a nobleman under this Turkishman's tutelage. To be continued...

Mundane Name: Jennifer Bishop

Lady Tilla Chandler is a soap and candle merchant in 12th century England. She really wished King Stephen and Emperess Maud would stop with all this fighting as it's not helping her business much. She's not sure how well Emperess Maud would do ruling while still living in France but King Stephen is an arrogant and foolish man.

Mundane Name: Bruce Banzhof
Mundane Name: Tracy Gregory Brown
Mundane Name: Bengt Gregory Brown
Mundane Name: Cody Gregory Brown
Mundane Name: Tim Rice
Mundane Name: Linda Banzhof
Mundane Name: Tim Nalley
Mundane Name: Ms. Shirley Manley
Mundane Name: Ian Swanson
Mundane Name: Laura Zennie