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Leah of Wycombe

Mundane Name: 
Ellen Ottoson

"I am Leah, daughter of a Jewish merchant, and I lived in Wycombe, England, known for making stools to sit on that have three legs and some finer chairs. It is alongside the River Wye in Buckinghamshire. My father travels to the Holy Land and other ports to buy wares and fabric to sell in London, England where my mother's Uncle lives. Sometimes I went along with him on his sailing trips. During one of these trips we were attacked by "pirates" and a Norseman took me away. His name is Ragnar and he is from Birka in Sweden. I fell in love with him and we eventually married by his traditions.

My talents are weaving on a floor loom and Inkle or card loom, bobbin lace that I learned in London, sewing garments, cooking, parchment art work, and some calligraphy. I try any art. I am well read and can write letters."