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Brea the Meadster

Mundane Name: 
Brea Ludwigson
Device Image: 

Brea the Meadster is a Cilician from the Golden Oasis, just north of Antioch, in the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia in southeastern Anatolia. Born in 1360 to a family of winemakers, she began traveling with the wine merchants' caravans at an early age and learned the dancing, cooking, and customs of many Middle Eastern and northern African cultures. When the Mamluks invaded in 1375, she escaped to Europe, where she was adopted into Clan Blackstar. She continues sharing the customs of her childhood with those who express an interest.

SCA Interests: 

Brea Ludwigson studies and teaches Middle Eastern Dance, and enjoys brewing and sharing mead. She has been in occasional contact with the SCA since 1980 and has been an active member since 1998. She has served as troll, feast server, teacher, A&S judge, cook, feastocrat, autocrat, and cleanup crew, and has been Havenholde's Minister of Arts and Sciences.