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Havenholde Officers

The officer serving as “president” of a local group or kingdom. Acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.

An officer who helps new members learn about the SCA.

Phone Number: (937) 322-7548

The officer serving as treasurer.

Minister of Arts and Sciences
An officer that organizes and encourages the crafts and skills of the Middle Ages/Renaissance which we research and practice in the SCA. Also referred to as "A & S".

Phone Number: (937) 510-5853

Heraldic Pursuivant

Heavy Weapons Marshal
Also known as the Knight's Marshal of the field working with Havenholde, this is a specially trained person who oversees combat activities for safety purposes

Phone Number: 937 974 2634

Archery Lieutenant
Responsible for coordinating archery practices and activities involving archery.

Phone Number: 937 974 2634

Thrown Weapons
Responsible for coordinating practices and activities involving thrown weapons