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Havenholde Officers

The officer serving as “president” of a local group or kingdom. Acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.

An officer who helps new members learn about the SCA.

The officer serving as treasurer.

Minister of Arts and Sciences
An officer that organizes and encourages the crafts and skills of the Middle Ages/Renaissance which we research and practice in the SCA. Also referred to as "A & S".

Phone Number: 937 925-0646

Heraldic Pursuivant

Heavy Weapons Marshal
Also known as the Knight's Marshal of the field working with Havenholde, this is a specially trained person who oversees combat activities for safety purposes

Archery Lieutenant
Responsible for coordinating archery practices and activities involving archery.

Phone Number: (937) 322-7548

Thrown Weapons
Responsible for coordinating practices and activities involving thrown weapons