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The Spirit of Twelfth Night

Welcome to the Barony of Flaming Gryphon's Spirit of 12th Night. 

Flaming Gryphon's 12th Night is our Annual Arts & Science Competition for the Baronial Artisan. Any member of the Barony is welcome to participate and vote through a bean count to help the Baron and Baroness choose the next Artisan. 

Also enjoy our feast where we will choose the King and Queen of the Bean and enjoy an evening of revelry and fun.

Havenholde is accepting donations in lieu of registration fees and/or will accept donations of non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry that also uses this Site.

And rememebr if you stay past 9pm you are part of the clean-up crew.

Event Date: 
January 21st, 2017
Site Opens: 
9 am
Site Closes: 
9 pm
Site Fee: 
Donations in lieu of registration fees and/or will accept donations of non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry.
Feast Fee: 
$10 Adults $5 Children 3-11



Event Steward: Orn Askelsson (Michael Klefas)

Gate Keeper: Johanna Bakendocter (Deneen Perry)             

A&S Class Coordinator: Marjorie de Ffeyrefeld (Tina Smith)

A&S Competition Coordinator: Auծin Hrafnsson (Christopher Hudson)

Youth Activities Coordinator: Isibel inghean ui Bheollain (Annie Michaelson)

Lunch, the Annual Chili Cook-off: Lord Eoin Drake (Robert Schneider)

Bake Sale: The Valkeries of Flaming Gryphon

Head Cook: Tilla Chandler (Jennifer Bishop) email:

Hall Steward: Lord Yehoshua Ben Abram (Joshua Stomel)

Herald: TBD

Merchant Coordinator: Fiona Ghylthir (Chelsea Barnes)

Dance Coordinator: TBD

Site Clean-up: TBD



Central Christian Church is located at 1200 Forrer Boulavard Kettering OH

Google Map Directions:

Lunch Menu

Lunch will consist of the Chili cook-off coordinated by Drake.

Bake Sale 

         hosted by the Valkeries


No preregistration for feast available, feast will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact Head Cook, Tilla Chandler, with dietary restrictions, concerns, etc.

           Feast Fees:

                        Adults           $10.00

                        Youth (3-11)   $5.00

                        Kids under 3   Free

Feast Menu

A feast through the Ages. We will start with simple fare from the 6th century and will end with refined desserts from the ages going through the 17th Century.

On Table

  • Butter                    -V, GF
  • Fruit Preserves      -V, GF
  • Soft cheeses         -V, GF

Course 1 (7th to 9th Centuries)

  • Flat bread  (using Oat flour)  – GF
  • Porridge (millet)                  –V, GF
  • Leeks & Mushrooms           –V, GF
  • Fish Soup

Course 2 (10th to 12th Centuries)

  • Coarse Bread                               -V
  • Roast Rabbit with Plum Sauce    
  • Herb dumplings                            –V
  • Compost of Root Vegetable           -V, GF

Course 3 (13th to 15th Centuries)

  • Sourdough White Bread
  • Venison and Beef Mince Pie
  • Paneer Biryani                   -V, GF
  • Garnished Turnips              -V, GF

Course 4 (16th Centuries)

  • Apple Frutours    -V,
  • Snowe                -V, GF
  • Lebkuchen          -V
  • Chardewardon     -V, GF


  • Lemonade
  • Sparkling Apple Juice
  • Sparkling Grape Juice

V = Vegetarian friendly dish

GF = Gluten Free dish


            Viking Gambling
            Other Peaceful arts.  There is no fighting at this event (youth, heavy, or fencing).

A&S competition

All Artisians, please, have your display up and ready by 11am.

After presentations, the bean count will go until 3pm.

A&S Classes 

Library, or classroom with tables

10a open
1pm Lady Thalia Baroncelli - Pennsics Sampler (no limit) collection of handouts from various Calligraphy and Illumination classes at Pennsic  Cancelled
2p Lady Anastasia Tremayne - Combat Scrolls (no limit) Quick and dirty illumination
3p Sarah Barringer - Why Never to Make a Bargain with Loki: An analysis of Loki's silver-tongued bargains and bedevilry. (no limit)
4p Slany bean Uillic - An Elizabethan guide to Chocolate (no limit) you have been teleported to 1600 and you are tasting chocolate for the first time.  Come learn all of the fascinating facts about this new delight

Classroom 2

10a TH Lady Leah of Withcombe - Springerly Cookies (limit 12) ages 10+
1p TH Lady Jerusha a'laon - 8 Period stitches (max 8) 2 hours $2 class fee to take home kit.
3p Lady Isibel inghean ui Bheaollain - Favors in the SCA
4p Lady Isibel inghean ui Bheaollain - Largesse

Classroom 3

10a open
1p TH Lady Leah of Withcombe - Anglo-Saxon Purse (limit 10) 2 hours; ages 12+ $5 class fee
3p TH Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn -  Card Weaving 2 hours  (limit 10) donations accepted,

Classroom 4

1p Herr Rod Gron - Intro to Chainmaile (limit 12) 2 hours; ages 12+
3p Lady Appolonia von Wurttemberg - Combat archery
4p Mistress Alizaundre de Brebeuf - Great Feasts Cheap, no limit, no fee.
TW Marshal Class/Range weather permitting 1-3p by Mistress Mary Garrett of Seasalter
Merchants Attending: Baronial Garage Sale & North Sea Trade and Raid. All other Merchants interested, please contact Fiona Ghylthir (Chelsea Barnes)

Youth Activities

Youth Activities will be hosted by Isibel inghean ui Bheollain (Annie Michaelson)

Activities include:

            11am   Paper Mosaics for kids!
            2pm    Tea with the Baroness

            ColoringTailgating Court

            Bubble Brigade for Court