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Flaming Gryphon Twelfth Night 2018


Flaming Gryphon's 12th Night is our Annual Arts & Science Competition for the Baronial Artisan. Any member of the Barony is welcome to participate and vote through a bean count to help the Baron and Baroness choose the next Artisan. 

Also enjoy our feast where we will choose the King and Queen of the Bean and enjoy an evening of revelry and fun.

**NEW THIS YEAR** The Applicant Shire of Grenemere is sponsoring a table setting contest!  Bring your bling and decor and the best setting will win a Cool Prize!

Havenholde is accepting donations in lieu of registration fees and/or will accept donations of non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry that also uses this Site.

And rememebr if you stay past 9pm you are part of the clean-up crew.

Check out the Facebook event here!

Event Date: 
January 6th 2018
Site Opens: 
9 am
Site Closes: 
9 pm
Site Fee: 
Donations in lieu of registration fees and/or will accept donations of non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry.
Feast Fee: 
$10.00 per person - Children under 12 eat for $5.00



Event Steward: HL Jerusha a'Laon (Jo Stomel) - - 602.423.9203 (mobile - no calls after 10p)

Gate Keeper: Lady Johanna Bakendocter (Deneen Perry)             

A&S Class Coordinator/Deputy Steward: Lady Anna Rosina Kromphardt (Leslie Edens)

A&S Competition Coordinator: HL Aminah al-Yazcici bint Ismail (Jen VonStein)

Baronial Gaming Championship Coordinator: Syr Magnus (Shawn O'Hara)

Bardic Activities: PENDING 


Youth Activities Coordinator: **NEEDED - Please contact HL Jerusha if you are interested in this Position**

Lunch, the Annual Chili Cook-off: Lord Eoin Drake (Robert Schneider)

Bake Sale: Baroness Gwennan Myngrudd (Faith Wymer) -

Head Cook: HL Olwen of Buckstead (Sara Clark) -

Hall Steward: The Applicant Shire of Grenemere 

Vocal Herald**NEEDED - Please contact HL Jerusha if you are interested in this Position**

Heralid Consultation Table: Forrester Bertrande Fresneu (Kristen Allen-Vogel) & Master Lancelin Peregrinus (Grant Root) &

Merchant/Yard Sale Coordinator: Baron Orn Askelsson (Michael Klefas)

Site Set Up Coordinator: Tilla Chandler (Jennifer Bishop) email:



Abiding Christ Lutheran Church is located at 326 E Dayton Yellow Springs Rd, Fairborn, OH 45324




Chili Cook-off!

HL Drake and Lady Celia LeFleur will be hosting and Coordinating the Annual Chili Cookoff!  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

Bake Sale 

The Valkyries will be having a bake sale at Twelfth Night. Bring donations of baked goods and come ready to buy delectable treats to help raise money for the food/drink for the fighters at Pennsic...for both heavy and rapier warriors!

Please contact HE Gwennan at to sign up or with any questions.

Feast -

HL Olwen of Buckstead and the Incipient Shire of Grenemere will be presenting the following feast. Seats are limited and will be availble at the door for $10.00.  Children under the age of 12 can buy in to feast for $5.00


 V = vegetarian NOT vegan
  Gf = Gluten free

On the Table
Manchet Rolls    Honey Butter  V Gf      Cheese   V Gf
Brawn Platter Gf        Viking Kibble V Gf

First Course
Capon Mistress Duffield's Way  Gf      Sallat  V Gf       Rice Gf

Vegetarian Option (limited servings)   Mjaddera V Gf

Focaccia with Olives and Feta  V

Second Course
Pyes de Parys        Roast Roots  V Gf
Vegetarian Option (limited servings) - Crustless Torta in May V Gf

Russian Cream Gf         Lingonberry Preserves V Gf        Pizzelles V

Sekanjimin        Iced Tea        Lemonade




Baronial Artisan Competition


Baronial Gaming Championship

Unto the populace of Flaming Gryphon do I, Syr Magnus, send greetings and warm wishes.

Once again, another year has gone by and a new one lies before us. I have had much joy in being Flaming Gryphon’s gaming champion, and it is time I pass that onto another. At Flaming Gryphon Twelfth Night, I will hold a tournament of games to determine who will take up the game board and become the next Champion.

The format will be determined the day of and will depend on how many contestants wish to compete. More important than the format will be the games that will be played. These will be 9 Men’s Morris (also called Mill), Alqurques, and Byzantine Chess. (Rulesets for each will be published shortly. No more making up rules on the fly this year!)

Any who wish to compete, please contact me so I may get a rough idea of how to form the tournament. It has been a pleasure bringing the joy of period gaming to many people this past year. I hope to see even more games this coming year from our next Champion. Good luck to everyone.

In Service, Syr Magnus

A&S Classes 

Please contact Lady Anna Rosina (Leslie Edens) at or via FaceBook to sign up to teach!

MERCHANTS! If you are interested in being a Merchant or securing a space for the Baronial Yard sale, please contact Baron Orn at

Youth Activities

We are looking for a volunteer to take on this important task.  No SCA background check necessary - we have a person with a background check that will be able to accompany you during Youth Events.

Please contact HL Jerusha at if you are interested!